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Twitter: @chapperdeemus


I am an under graduate journalist at Birmingham City University studying Journalism and Radio. I have done courses in broadcast, newspaper, magazine and online journalism as well as live radio.

I have two blogs. I use this one to publish my hard news stories and demonstrate my portfolio. It is also linked to the environmental website that I write for, Birmingham Recycled, which is the reason that the majority of the articles on this blog are geared towards the environment.

My second blog, called Hotcakes, is one that I share with a friend. It is a less formal blog geared towards my passion for music. I use it to review and promote music in a humourous way whilst still adhering to journalistic standards.

I want to write about anything but I have even more drive when the subject interests me. I am mainly interested in sport and music and I have developed a recent interest in the environment and the economy.

I am not a shy person, having got used to being on a camera or a microphone in recent years. Broadcast journalism and radio have helped me know when to write concisely and when to ad lib.

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