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Monbiot answers questions on the continued reliance of coal in the UK

April 30, 2009

I have just come across an interesting debate on the Guardian website. Leading environmental commentator George Monbiot is answering questions live online right now about the government’s decision to stop building coal plants that do not have the ability to take care of the emissions they create.

The rule passed states that coal plants are to be built with the ability to capture 20-25% of carbon dioxide emissions and bury them underground.

Despite widespread app299545533_d44a4e8007_mroval from environmentalists, Monbiot has not been so enthusiastic.

The debate has raised some good points. Monbiot’s main objection to this government ruling is that, despite reducing the pollution created by coal plants, this is still a move to lead the next generation into further reliance on coal.

On the website, Monbiot said, “There are no guarantees of anything, except carbon pollution. The government is committing us to a new generation of coal-burning power stations. It might or might not be possible to capture and store their emissions.”

Monbiot is asking for more investment into renewable energy technology, or further research into carbon capture sequestration (CCS) coal to find out if this new idea really can work. He wants this done before these CCS coal plants start to be built.

The debate is hotting up, so if you have a question to ask Mr Monbiot, be sure to get one in while you still can.

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