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Birmingham’s central Woolworths lights are still on?

April 24, 2009

Apparently, quite a few Woolworths stores around the country still have their lights turned on, including the ones in Birmingham town centre. They have been shut since January. I wonder how much energy has been wasted in the past 3 months

It’s actually quite ironic that despite its closure, Woolworths still appears to be costing tax payers money.

Surely it is time to let it go? Its over, Woolworths is a thing of the past, something to reminisce about when we are old and grey. Like penny sweets and CDs. Two things that Woolworths were known for actually.

Its almost as though the country are mourning relatives, knowing that they should pull the plug on their comatose loved one, but just cannot bring themselves to do it.

Lets hope that these lights go out across the country to help the environment. Pray that the lights in there are not the ones that the shop used to sell, the ones that were so long lasting that they out lived the life of the actual store.

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  1. April 24, 2009 19:14

    There’s a former Honda garage opposite my workplace that I think still may have its air-conditioning on! There’s certainly some kind of heavy-duty air extractor humming as I pass each day.

    • Chapperdeemus permalink*
      April 25, 2009 11:19

      Thats terrible, air conditioners really use up a lot of energy. I don’t understand that. Apparently, lights are left on in old stores to help advertise them to future users, but its still a waste of energy really. But leaving air conditioning on is just pointless.

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