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Podcast with Dave Harte soon to be put up on BirminghamRecycled

March 16, 2009

Energy, Fuel and Transport correspondents for BirminghamRecycled Andrew Nichol, Georgie Campbell, Oliver Appleby and myself have recently interviewed Dave Harte on his CO2 campaigne and his Walks of Birmingham.

He has an interesting take on the sort of things you can do to save energy not only around the home but also in the city. He also puts his opinion forward on Twitter and how social networking is progressing in the professional and personal world.

Obviously I won’t give anything else away, but be sure to log in to BirminghamRecycled to listen to the podcast when it’s turn comes.

Also check Dave Harte’s blog (link above) to read a bit more to get an idea of what he is into, to get more out of his podcast. Be warned though, he has given up Twitter for Lent, so you may not get a reply from him in a while if you try to contact him!

There will be a podcast each week on a separate theme on the website, so give those a listen also, most of them will have a guest inclusion to add to the opinions.

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  1. katiegraczyk permalink
    March 18, 2009 22:10

    given up twitter for lent-hahah! You’ve got me intrigued, can’t wait to hear your podcast though Joe!

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