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LDV Vans- Europe’s first green van company?

February 24, 2009

Having come across this story in the Birmingham Mail, I searched on technorati for any blog reactions to Birmingham company LDV Vans’ Management Buyout and decision to go green.

Not A Sheep reported that The BBC has not uniformly reported the news across all of its mediums, deciding to talk about the hope of turning it into the first big producer of electric vans in the UK only on its website. 

The Tangled Web focused more on the economy side of the story, condemning the “tens of millions” of pounds only creating 200 jobs.

The Birmingham Mail article states that the chairman of Gaz, the Russian owners of the company, is going to lead the buyout and turn LDV into a “symbol of the low-carbon, green manufacturing future that the Government says it wants Britain to lead.”

As stated in The Tangled web, this could be analysed as a way to get the Govornment on their side to gain funds. If LDV can prove that they can start the electric van revolution, then it could be seen as worthwhile to put tax payers money into the project.

I’m about to start writing my story for this to go up on BirminghamRecycled, but I first of all need to consider the angle. Should I focus on the hope that they gain Government funds? Or should I focus more on the fact that they want to be green? Economy or Environment?

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  1. February 24, 2009 11:57

    This is great – really involving us in the process. Try to find specialist forums?

    • jjchapman permalink*
      February 24, 2009 13:57

      Thanks for the tip. Just found some good content on that site. Will blog the process at some point!

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